The Collective

The Imajica Art Collective is a collaboration concept for all kinds of creative work; photography, painting, installations, or digital art; supporting and promoting every member of the collective.

We set our own agenda, establish our own networks, disrupting, challenging and breaking convention.

Being Digital

We believe digital art is a force for good, that tools such as graphics tablets and software such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects are merely that, tools; digital palettes that inspire and broaden the creative landscape.

Like Dylan going electric, Andy Warhol embracing digital art by painting Debbie Harry on an Amiga Computer in 1985 was a seminal moment for digital art.

Using a Commodore Amiga live on stage to capture and manipulate an image of the effortlessly cool and ultimate style icon of the time, Debbie Harry, Warhol’s piece bore a striking resemblance to his more analogue prints such as his brilliant 1967 Marilyn Monroe. This inspired him to make a series of digital drawings including one of his famous 1962 Campbell’s Soup Cans which was recovered from a floppy disk a few years back.


How are your digital prints created?

All our digital art prints are original and sold in limited-editions. We use a range of tools to create each piece including the full Adobe Suite. All prints are hand signed and numbered to ensure authentication.

How big are your prints?

Our prints come in four standard sizes - 20"x20" / 16"x16" / 12"x12" / 8"x8". All prints (framed or unframed) are mounted with approximately 40mm mount board. If you would like your print framed this adds approximately 30mm to the overall size.

How long will my print take to arrive?

As each original piece is printed to order, up to 14 working days for your print to be dispatched. All prints are sent special delivery. Please note, we currently only ship within the UK. View our full shipping policy here!

Who should I contact if I have a question?

If you have a question, a problem with your order or you'd like a piece for a particular date, please email!