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Imajica Art Collective



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Inspired by the 2009 Pixar film of the same title, Up encourages us to seek adventure and move away from our comfort zone. The Aberdeen streets slowly fade as the balloons gently guide us to a world further away helping us all escape the repetition of everyday life. This limited-edition digital art print uses vibrant colours to draw attention to the hundreds of balloons and includes pterodactyls to hint at an exciting journey ahead.

Please note, all our prints come in four standard sizes and have the option to be framed or unframed. All prints are mounted on 40mm soft white mount board.


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Our digital art prints come in four standard sizes - 20"x20" / 16"x16" / "12"x12" / 8"x8". All prints are mounted in approx. 40mm mount board. Both white and black frames are approx. 30mm.

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